Proactive Works offers a unique service designed to maximise employee wellbeing and resilience which results in higher levels of employee satisfaction. Increased employee wellbeing and satisfaction results in higher levels of engagement and productivity. This ultimately drives revenue and customer satisfaction. As an added benefit investing proactively in employee wellbeing reduces sickness absence and presenteeism. We are based in Glasgow and work with organisations throughout the central belt of Scotland.


Studies show that presenteeism costs far more than absence. It is a silent drain on your business. More


Did you know that on average 15.9 days absence per year are potentially preventable? More.

Work Station DSE Assessment

Prevent the recognised health risks of DSE use and comply with DSE Regulations. More.

Presenteeism and sickness absence is costly: improving employee health has measurable benefits. By identifying the root causes of sickness absence and presenteeism we can help reduce their negative impacts on your business.