Presenteeism – the hidden drain on your business.

Presenteeism occurs when employees go to work when ill with subsequent negative effects on performance and productivity due to their physical or emotional health problem.


Unlike sickness absence presenteeism is rarely measured even though research has shown it to be more costly. Presenteeism is the silent drain on business profits as it is not visible.


Did you know the following facts about presenteeism?

  • International research shows that presenteeism costs could be up to seven times higher than absenteeism in lost productivity [7].
  • Presenteeism from mental ill health alone costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum, while absenteeism costs £8.4 billion over the same period [8].
  • Up to 60% of employees across the United Kingdom and Europe reported working while ill [9].
  • One study found that presenteeism was roughly equivalent to 10 % of working time lost, or 23.4 days per employee per year, costing companies £2,340 based on the average UK salary of 26k. [5].
  • Frequent presenteeism is associated with longer term sickness absence at a later date [10].
  • 45% of employees reported one or more days presenteeism against 18% reporting sickness absence over the same time period [11].
  • One study found that presenteeism accounts for 71% of the total cost of lost productivity [12].

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