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Marginal Gains • Injury Reduction/Prevention • Maximising Performance • Optimal Movement

Our passion

At Proactive Works we are passionate about helping our clients enhance their performance in their sport and in reducing the risk of injuries. We believe that musculoskeletal screening is the key to achieving these goals.

We'll tell you what you need to know

For most sports enthusiasts, they don’t know if they have a movement impairment, reduced joint mobility, muscle imbalance etc. Therefore if they don’t know they can’t do anything to address them. Our musculoskeletal screening identifies these issues that maybe preventing an individual for maximising their potential in their given sport. We help clients understand ‘to know’ their musculoskeletal weaknesses and limitations, empowered with this knowledge we can implement a corrective exercise programme and start to see the marginal gains. By approaching your sport through the philosophy of marginal gains, you can continuously improve and reach your full potential. In the competitive world of sports, the smallest advantage can make an enormous difference in the outcome of a competition/race etc. Most clients wait until they have a musculoskeletal injury before accessing physiotherapy. However the risk factors (e.g restricted joint mobility, muscle imbalance) that contributed to the musculoskeletal injury would have been present prior to the injury. If these risk factors were identified earlier through musculoskeletal screening many injuries could be prevented.