Emily McKerchar, Head of the Central Belt, Hunter Adams HR

“As an organisation committed to the wellbeing of their staff Hunter Adams in the Central Belt recently engaged with Evelyn at Proactive Works to carry out a 1:1 musculoskeletal screen on members of our team. This was done in the comfort of our own office and Evelyn was extremely thorough and supportive throughout each assessment, she really took the time to get to know the team and us as an organisation. Following the assessment she gave each individual some immediate observations relating to their musculoskeletal health and followed this up with recommended exercises and interventions to address identified problems. The team also received a follow up online link with a full summary of the exercises they were to undertake for the following 6 week period. Evelyn returned 6 weeks later to review what steps each individual had taken and to assess any positive changes specifically relating to their musculoskeletal exercise plan. In all cases our employees derived benefits from following the recommended exercise plans and in addition following a DSE assessment that Evelyn took of each workspace the team are also now optimising their posture at work. We couldn’t recommend our experience with Evelyn highly enough and it was refreshing to partner with Proactive Works on such a unique and proactive employee wellbeing service”.

John Steventon, Senior Film Editor, BBC

“My session with Evelyn was a real eye opener. Joint and muscle issues I have had for almost twenty years were shown to be merely a result of imbalance and how I held my posture rather than anything more ingrained. One simple exercise and I was able to raise my arm higher than I have since I was in my twenties!

But it wasn’t just quick spots like this that impressed me. The overall consideration that my entire body was given was very informative, and with the stretching exercises I was given in response to a few issues Evelyn pointed out, very helpful too.

Where some physiotherapists will give a quick fix and a generic overview of your body or condition, this one session with Evelyn was so personalised and tailored to my specific nuances that it was a better than ten sessions with a physio or chiropractor.”

Julie Fleming, Senior Systems Developer, Standard Life

“I found the initial assessment very interesting. Evelyn picked up on a few things which I wasn’t even aware of but now, with hindsight, it explains why I have had pain or tightness in those areas.

She noticed that I have a tendency to push my chin forwards, which puts extra strain on my neck, and now when I find myself doing this while at work I am instantly able to pick up on it and correct my posture before it causes any discomfort.

I am much more aware of my posture at work and am therefore able to alter my position when I feel myself starting to slip back into old bad habits!

The exercises I have been given are a great help and some are very portable. I have been able to do them at my desk and even on the train during my commute when I start feel tightness in my neck and shoulders.”