The Journey

The Journey with Proactive Works

We are with you every step of the way.

Step 1

We develop an understanding of the nature of your business :

    •  the physical demands it places on the employee (prolonged computer use/ repetitive lifting).
    • what are the most common musculoskeletal injuries your staff go off sick with.
    • what is the current sickness absence rate.

Step 2

How much is presenteeism costing your business?

At Proactive works we believe it is critical for companies to become aware of the negative impacts presenteeism has on  a business, research shows it is up to seven times more costly than sickness absence 17. Proactive Works developed a diagnostic tool ‘Morrison Presenteeism Questionnaire’ to determine the cost of presenteeism, the primary causes and the impact it has the employee’s quality and quantity of work. In our experience there are two critical times presenteeism should be measured, firstly at the assessment stage before our input (musculoskeletal assessment/ psychological programmes)—this creates your baseline presenteeism.
At the reassessment stage—this allows you to evaluate the overall impact of our programme against your original baseline and calculate your overall return on investment (ROI). We would do this 6 months after our input.

Step 3

We use a number of screening tools to create a picture of your organisations wellbeing.
Musculoskeletal screening is used in a number of ways. It helps to monitor staff for risk factors for developing musculoskeletal injury; but it is also used pre-employment to check the musculoskeletal wellbeing of prospective employees.

Musculoskeletal Screening
The screening takes approximately 90 minutes. The employee will be given a corrective exercise programme which will be emailed to them with videos attached to demonstrate each exercise. A report will be created outlining the findings from the musculoskeletal screening and the treatment prescribed. On occassion onward referral maybe suggested, this includes GP, biomechanics and physiotherapy.

A Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation assessment is also completed where appropriate.
At approximately 6 weeks, the employee will be reviewed to reassess the risk factors identified during the musculoskeletal screening and  the corrective exercise programme.

Proactive Works also offers health promotion in relation to physical activity as research has found those who partake in regular exercise have reduced sickness absence and presenteeism.

Find out more about Musculoskeletal Screening.

Psychological wellbeing

Proactive works offers a training day Optimal performance through personal awareness.
By using key proven psychological testing and behavioural analysis, you will gain a detailed understanding of your own psychological stress triggers and how this can impact on your behavioural style, thus affecting not only your own performance but that of your colleagues.
The key outcomes include:

    • A greater understanding of the models of stress triggers and personal behavioural response styles.
    • An understanding of your own & others psychological stress triggers and how they may impact you and your relationships with others.
    • A greater understanding of behavioural styles and how they impact performance for the individual.
  • Tools to help you design better workplace practices, minimising workplace stress and improving performance for yourself and ultimately for your colleagues.

We also offer a mindfulness workshop. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. There is growing scientific evidence that supports the use of mindfulness for stress reduction.
Proactive Works can provide a bespoke package to your company to address both the physical and psychological causes of sickness absence and presenteeism. Contact us today for a consultation.