Office Workstation (DSE) Assessment

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations (1992) workstation assessments are a legal requirement for companies with more than five employees. The regulations require employers to assess the workstations of employees whose work involves the use of Display Screen Equipment for 1 hour or more of continuous use.

The law requires that:

  • all workstations are of a suitable standard.
  • all workstations are assessed for suitability for each individual who uses it
  • suitable information, instruction and training is provided to all staff who use DSE regarding the risks involved and the controls introduced to reduce the risks
  • managers organise workloads and work routines so staff take periodic breaks from DSE work
  • where a member of staff requests a DSE eye test, the manager makes an assessment of their eligibility and, if they are eligible, pays for the eye test
  • portable computers in prolonged use are subject to the DSE Regulations and managers must assess their use and take reasonable action to reduce the risks.

There are recognised health risks of DSE use, these include the following:

  • visual fatigue
  • back and neck problems
  • stress related symptoms
  • Upper limb disorders
DSE workstation assessment

DSE Workstation Assessment

How often should DSE Workstation Assessments be completed?

It is good practice to re-assess your employees’ workstation annually, but an assessment must be repeated if there’s a significant change, e.g. new software, new work routine, changes to the layout or position of the workstation. Assessments should also be repeated if there is a reason to suspect they may no longer be valid e.g. if a member of staff starts complaining of pain or discomfort or  is pregnant.

Proactive Works aims to help employers ensure that their staff can work safely and comfortably, reduce the number and severity of ill health incidents related to Display Screen Equipment (DSE) use and meet the requirements of the regulations.

All our workstation assessments are carried out by experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists with a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, posture, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, that can occur from working in a poor position. Our physiotherapists are well placed to do workstation assessments and provide not only adjustments to the workstation but advice on preventative exercises and posture changes that will prevent or ease pain this has much added value rather than a tick box approach.We can also identify problems and most importantly keep people working pain free.  This helps to keep your employees happy and healthy at work and reduces both absenteeism and presenteeism.


This service will provide:

•      a completed DSE assessment to meet the DSE regulations

•      an ergonomically sound working environment.

•      the organisation of the workstation to be appropriate to the tasks

•      advise regarding comfort breaks and workstation exercises

The benefits from the assessments include:

•      compliance with the Display Screen regulations (1992)

•      improved comfort of employees

•      increased productivity as a result of applied ergonomic principles

•      reduced sickness absence from work relevant musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD’s)

•      advice for any specialist equipment required from the more difficult assessments

A report is then provided for the employer detailing findings, adjustments and recommendations for each workstation as well as written information and advice leaflets for the user.

We are independent and do not sell equipment but we have a good working relationship with a number of ergonomic equipment and chair suppliers who can provide the most suitable equipment for our client.

We offer our DSE assessment in Glasgow and throughout the central belt.